5 Star Shifting Hajj Packages 2023

5 Star Shifting Hajj Packages 2023

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27 Days 5 Star Shifting Hajj Package

Makkah 17 Nights Anjum Hotel
Madinah 10 Nights Crown Plaza
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21 Days 5 Star Shifting Hajj Package

Makkah 15 Nights Marriot Hotel
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14 Days 5 Star Shifting Hajj Package

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Madinah 4 Nights Milennium Taibah

Shifting Hajj packages 2023:

Hajj is a compulsory act for Muslims blessed with prosperity. For this, Travel to haram is giving economical shifting hajj packages 2023 at pocket-friendly deals. Every Muslim wants to enjoy the feeling of executing righteous responsibilities. Allah has himself declared it mandatory for Muslims with enough resources to perform Hajj. We make sure that the declaration is acted upon in the right manner.

Travel to haram is providing the pilgrims this opportunity with the best economical shifting hajj packages this year. A large number of Muslims carry out this duty every year and go on a blissful journey for the divine. Our main purpose for a successful Hajj is to completely submit ourselves to Allah and seek forgiveness. We are offering economical deals for our low-budget clients so that they can achieve their dreams of Hajj as well.

Value of Hajj:

Just like any building, Islam is based on pillars. There are 5 pillars of Islam and Hajj being one of them reaches the utmost importance in the eyes of a Muslim. Regardless of a male/female hajj is considered obligatory to be performed by them at least once in a lifetime.

Once the Prophet ﷺ addressed people saying:

O, people! Allah has prescribed Hajj upon you, so perform it.

A man enquired every year: ” O Messenger of Allah?”

The Holy Prophet ﷺ didn’t answer. After the man asked the same questions thrice the prophet ﷺ replied:

“Had I answered in the affirmative, it would have become a (yearly) obligation, and this would have been beyond your capacity.” (Al-Muslim)

Despite the importance Hajj has, it is prescribed only once in a lifetime. Islam indeed is an easy religion and feels the difficulties pilgrims have to go through while performing Hajj. Therefore we should not neglect our duty at any cost.

What to choose?

If you have prepared a budget plan for this major pilgrimage then our economical 2023 shifting hajj packages are what you should be considering. As most of the time people neglect going for Hajj because of their financial issues. We take care of it by providing less-costly hajj deals.

Since our economical hajj packages are a source of cheap premier hajj facilities, you are not going to be having any sort of trouble at all. Travel to haram has offered our clients to choose their favorite shifting hajj packages just according to their requirements. You are provided with the customizable shifting hajj plans of 14, 21and 27 days as per your budget, so that this holy act might not look like a burden.

Avail facilities from Travel to Haram:

On this blissful trip, a lot of our fellow Muslim brethren have a tight pockets. Traveling to haram makes sure that they don’t feel any different from the high-class ones. Our shifting hajj packages all inclusive include the best facilities in the market of travel agencies in the UK. Some of them are:

1- Travel to haram provides quick Hajj Visa confirmation ( Excluding charges for repetitive acquisitions) for our clients.

2- Direct and indirect flights can be arranged for the pilgrims on their requirements.

3- At the peak time of Hajj hotels and accommodation are provided away from the Haram, most likely in Azizyah. After hajj hotels close to Harams are occupied.

4- Transport is provided for our Hajjis to reach the haram on time.

5- Despite choosing the economical hajj packages you can enjoy the 3-time meals and hot & cold 24/7 beverages. Since you do get a little bit tired of the worships and the crowd, we have highly comforting beds and room layouts so that you stay fresh the entire journey.

6- During your stay in Mina, travel to haram is providing you with tent accommodation with extremely pleasant and air-conditioned tents.

7- Our team takes care of visits to historical places (Ziyarats) in Mecca and Medina.

8- Our coordination with every out-class hotel gives you 24/7 room service and other such facilities.

All of us have the dream of standing in front of Kaaba and pursuing guidance. What could be better than performing tawaf and running in between Al-Saffa and Al-Marwa with the possibility of the best facilities to avail?

Price-effective shifting hajj deals:

It is for the first time, that Travel to haram is ranking the scale of amenities higher in corresponding to the affordability. Hajj packages 2023 of large people groups and families are sorted out by our special designing team. Since Travel to haram is in the market for over a decade now, we get special discounts from our hotels and accommodation services. The hotels are hand-picked by our team and offer a comfortable stay in the vicinity of Haram.

Call us right now and book your all-inclusive hajj package 2023 right now. We are providing special discounts for our pre-booked clients so that they can visit the holy cities with our esteemed services. Our travel agents are available 24*7 to assist with your concerns and help you choose the most suitable deals for yourself.