Outward Signs Of Hajj

May 10, 2021

What are signs of hajj?

Signs of Hajj are the outward signs of Hajj due to which the worship of Hajj is separated from other acts of worship.

1- Arafat

Arafat is called Arafat because Adam and Eve were reunited on earth and it is also said that it was so named because people confess their sins on this mountain.

Arafat is a field about 9 miles east of Makkah where pilgrims stop on the ninth Dhul-Hajjah.

Dhul Hajjah’s first 10 days are the finest days throughout the Islamic year. ‘There is no days greater and more dear to Allah than these (first) ten days of Dhul Hajjah,’ declared the Prophet (saw). [Ahmad]

You may know Laylat al-Qadr is the apex of Ramadan’s final ten nights, and hence the finest night of the year. Likewise, the Day of ‘Arafah is the pinnacle of the first 10 days of Dhul Hajjah. It’s therefore the best day of the year.

– Nimrah Mosque

Nimrah is the name of the mountain to the west of the mosque and the mosque is named after that mountain

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) encamped in the valley of ‘Arafah and delivered a sermon and offered prayers, therefore, a mosque was built in the same valley during the Abbasi rule in place of the sermon and prayers of the Holy Prophet. The building was then extended by the Saudi regime until it became one hundred and ten thousand square meters and on the ninth day of Dhi Al-Hajjah, people gather in it.

– Sakhrat Mosque

This mosque is on the right side under the Mount of Mercy (Jabal e Rehmat) in Arafat and it has enormous stones in it. On the night of Arafat, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) stood beside them and delivered the farewell sermon.

– Mountain of Mercy (Jabal e Rehmat)

It is a small rocky mountain located 20 km east of Makkah its surface is smooth and wide and its total area is 640 square meters and pilgrims gather on the ninth Dhul-Hajjah. ۔

2- Mina

It is located 7 km northeast of the Masjid al-Haram, between Makkah and Muzdalifah. Pilgrims who arrive early spend the night of 12-11 here and those who arrive late spend the night of 13 here. It is within the boundaries of the Haram and in it are the Masjid Kheef and the Jamrat Thalasah.

– Jamrat

The Jamarat are three stone walls, previous pillars, that are pelted as part of the Hajj rite in imitation of the actions of the Prophet Ebrahim. They depict the three spots where Ebrahim pelted the Shaytan (Satan) with stones as he tried to convince him not to sacrifice his son Ismail. The three pillars are known as Jamrat-al-Ula, Jamrat-al-Wusta, and Jamrat-al-Qubra.

3- Muzdalifah

Muzdalifah is between Mani and Arafat. Here the pilgrims spend the night after staying in Arafat. Al-Mash’ar al-Haram is located in the middle of Muzdalifah. This is the place where it is mustahab for the pilgrims to stay. Prau to Allah, remember Him and give thanks. And when the pilgrims descend from Arafat on the ninth Dhul-Hajjah after sunset, they stay here.

4- Masjid Haram

The House of Allah
The Kaaba is like a cube

– The stone of Ishmael

This is the northern part of Baitullah and this is the place where when the Quraysh rebuilt the Kaaba, due to a lack of funds for the construction of the Kaaba, they left this part of the Kaaba empty and an arched wall on it. Made to show that it is a part of Baitullah and the name mentioned above is a common name, not a Shariah term.

– Black stone (Hijr e Aswad)

This is installed in the wall of the south corner on the left side of the door of the Ka’bah. It is the stone of heaven. After the black stone is broken, eight pieces the size of a palm tree are left.

– Rakn e Yemeni

This is the southwest corner of Baitullah, and it is called Rakn Yamani because it is towards Yemen, and one characteristic of Rakn Yamani is that it is based on the foundations laid by Ibrahim and Ishmael.

– Al Multazam

It is between the Black Stone and the threshold of the door of the Ka’bah. This is the place where prayers are accepted and it is Sunnah to pray with the face, chest, arms, and palms together against the wall.

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