Hajj: Some essential information

March 27, 2021


Hajj is one of the five basic pillars of Islam. Hajj is obligatory once in a lifetime. Hajj is an act of worship; Therefore, like other acts of worship, there are certain conditions, duties and obligations, and traditions for Hajj. It is better for those who go on Hajj to know its members, conditions, and duties. The advantage of knowing these few essential information is that the person performing Hajj will be safe from mistakes during Hajj and will pay the members of Hajj correctly. Even if something goes wrong during Hajj, so if he knows, he will try to compensate. In this article, the definition of Hajj, conditions of Hajj, duties, and obligations, Sunnah and types of Hajj, etc. are briefly explained.

Definition of Hajj:

The literal meaning of Hajj is “intention.” Every year on the occasion of Hajj, a Muslim intends to visit Baitullah Sharif. That is why it is called Hajj. The terminological definition of Hajj is that “Hajj in the term of Shari’ah, at a particular time, with certain conditions, is to go to a specific place to perform certain deeds. (In this definition) a specific place means the House of Allah.” And it is’ Arafah. The specific time refers to the days of Hajj.

Obligation of Hajj:

Hajj became obligatory in the ninth year AH. The obligation of Hajj is proved by the Holy Quran, Hadith, and the consensus of the Ummah. Therefore, whoever denies its obligation, even if he does not live among the Muslims, is a kaafir. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “In it (Beytullah) are manifest signs, the standing place of Abraham, and whoever enters it shall be secure, and pilgrimage to the House is (incumbent) upon the men for the sake of Allah, (upon) everyone who can undertake the journey (fulfill pilgrimage) to it; and whoever disbelieves, then surely Allah does not need the worlds (does not need anything)”.

Conditions for making Hajj Farz:

There are certain conditions for Hajj to be obligatory. If those conditions are found in one person; So Hajj will be obligatory on this person. Now he has to perform Hajj once in a lifetime to pay for it. If none of these conditions are met; So Hajj will not be obligatory on this person. The following are the conditions that must be met for Hajj to be obligatory.

(1) Being a Muslim; So if a man is not a Muslim So Hajj is not obligatory on him.

(2) If someone is crazy So Hajj will not be obligatory on him.

(3) Adulthood; If a person is a minor; So Hajj will not be obligatory on him.

(4) To be free; So if a person is a slave; So Hajj will not be obligatory on him.

(5) The occurrence of Ashhar Hajj (time of Hajj).

(6) Having the ability and power (Zad e Rah, Tosha, and Sawari).

Conditions for making Hajj Wajib:

After fulfilling the above conditions, Hajj becomes obligatory on a person. However, the following conditions must be met to perform Hajj. Until these conditions are met; So this person doesn’t need to perform Hajj till then. Yes, when these conditions are met; So Hajj should be performed immediately. The five conditions are:

(1) Being healthy.

(2) There is no impediment to the journey of Hajj (such as: imprisoned in prison or the government has a law that prohibits traveling).

(3) The road to Makkah is peaceful.

(4) The woman is not in the period of ‘iddah.

(5) For a woman to be with her husband or a Muslim, sane and mature mahram.

Fardh in Hajj

Three things are obligatory (FARDH) in Hajj. If one deliberately omits even one of these duties or omits it by mistake; So this person’s Hajj will not be performed. The three Fardh are:

(1) Ihram (wearing a special kind of clothing with the intention of Hajj and Umrah, after which some halal and permissible acts also become haraam and unlawful.),

(2) Waqf of Arafa: ie of ihram In this case, from the time of the fall of the ninth Dhu’l-Hijjah until the dawn of the tenth Dhu’l-Hijjah, stay in the field of Arafat for a while, even if it is only for a single moment.

(3) Tawaf Ziyarat (It may be performed any time from the morning of the 10th Dhul-Hijjah till the sunset of the 12th Dhul-Hijjah after ritual shaving.)

Wajibaat of Hajj

The wajibaat of Hajj are five.

(1) Sa’i between Safa and Marwah.

(2) Waqf Muzdalifah.

(3) Rami Jamar.

(4) Shaving or shaving the head.

(5) Tawaf Sadr (this Tawaf is called “Tawaf”). Farewell is also called “Tawaf Akhar Ahad Balbeet” and “Tawaf Wajib”.

Sunnah of Hajj:

it is recommended that a pilgrim follows the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Though the failure to follow Sunnah’s rituals does not annul or nullify the Hajj, it has great rewards for the success. For neglecting them, no compensation is required

(1) Ghusl before assuming Ihram

(2) Talbiyah

(3) Tawaf Qadoom (also called Tawaf Tahiyat and Tawaf Laqa), Tawaf Qadoom, or Tawaf Ziarat.

(4) Spending the night of Arafat at Mina

(5) Spending the last days of Tashriq at Mina

(6) Spending the night in Muzdalifah.

Do not delay the payment of Hajj:

When Hajj becomes obligatory on a person and all the means are provided for his payment; So this person should perform Hajj without any delay. Hazrat Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) says that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: (Sunan Abi Dawood: 1732) “Whoever intends to perform Hajj, he should hurry.” Hazrat Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) narrates another narration as follows: (Musnad Ahmad, Hadith: 2867) “Hurry up for Hajj, because none of you know what excuse is going to come to him.”

Is Hajj obligatory immediately or with delay?

According to the authentic narration, according to Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Abu Yusuf, and Rajah, Haj becomes obligatory immediately. If a person is obliged to perform Hajj in a certain year and postpones it, then he will be a sinner. That Hajj will be performed, not qadha and the sin will end. (Encyclopedia of Jurisprudence: 17/51)

May Allah Almighty bless Hajj!

Hazrat Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: (Sahih Al-Bukhari: 1773) “Umrah is an expiation for the sins committed (between it and the previous one). And the reward of Hajj Mabrur (the one accepted by Allah) is nothing except Paradise”.

Two things are stated in this hadith. One is that the minor sins committed between the two Umrah will be forgiven. Secondly, the only reward for performing Hajj is Paradise. What is Hajj? So Hajj Mabroor is the Hajj during which no sin has been committed. Some people think that “Hajj Mabroor Hajj is acceptable”. Some people said that in which there is no purpose of hypocrisy and fame, there should be no immorality. Hazrat Hassan Basri said: Hajj Mabroor means that (man) should be disinterested in this world and show interest in the Hereafter. May Allah bless us all with Hajj! Amen! ***

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